The church ministry is maintained through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers of the church community.  All committees meet at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall September through June.

Lay Leadership and Worship meet the first Tuesday (as needed)

The Administrative Council meets the second Tuesday 

SPR, Trustees and Education (as needed) meet the third Tuesday 

Stewardship, Congregational Care and Missions (as needed) meet the fourth Tuesday 

Administrative Council Member 
Chair Debbie Beattie
Recording Secretary Susan Blum 
Treasurer  Leslie Battistoni 
Financial Secretary  Ron Lemar
Lay Leader  Debbie Vail
Lay Member - Annual Conf  Debbie Vail
Reserve Lay Member  TBA 
Trustees Chair Stan Brown 
SPR Chair 
Missions Chair          
Finance Chair  Craig Grant 
Worship Chair  Barbara Sinclair
Communications Coordinator Gail Strydio
Church School Coordinator  Julie Forman 
Vacation Bible School  Clay Beattie 
Youth Group Advisor Leslie Battistoni
Youth Member Carly Battistoni
Newsletter Gail Strydio
Historian Barbara Sinclair
Webmaster Eileen Hartney
Church Historian Barbara Sinclair
Trustees Member
Chair Stan Brown
Lay Leader Debbie Vail
Class of 2013 Stan Brown
Daren Simmons
Gail Strydio
Class of 2014 Debbie Vail
John Meliti
John Hitsman
Class of 2015 Ralph LaCasio
Julie Forman
Jim Besciglia
SPR Member
NYAC Representative
Lay Leader Debbie Vail
Class of 2013 Karin Riley
Tammy Meliti
Class of 2014

Brian Battistoni
Shirley Murcray
Carol Handley

Class of 2015 Ralph LaCasio
Jen Simmons
Vincent Vail
Lay Leadership Member
Chair Pastor Sue Chadwick
Lay Leader Debbie Vail
Class of 2013

Royal Ricci
Sherry Sewalk

Class of 2014 George Colwell
Carol Handley
Carl Snyder
Class of 2015 Mary Ann Henderson
Vincent Vail
Steve Roach
Stewardship Member
Chair Craig Grant
Lay Member to Annual Conf Debbie Vail
Administrative Council Chair Debbie Beattie
SPR Chair
Trustee Representative
Stewardship Chair Craig Grant
Lay Leader Debbie Vail
Treasurer Leslie Battistoni
Financial Secretary Ron Lemar
Worship Member
Chair Barbara Sinclair
Pastor Pastor Sue Chadwick
Lay Leader Debbie Vail
Choir Director Craig Grant
Organist Heidi Tucci
Flowers Donna Turner
Head Ushers      Ron Lemar
Shirley Murcray
Clay Beattie
Communion Steward Pam Alley
Members at Large Vivian Tucker
Barbara Sinclair
Congregational Care Member
Trinity Bears
Adult Fellowship Mary Calabrese
 Coffee Hour
Lay Leader Debbie Vail
Member Stella Brown
Member Barbara Sinclair
Member Myrna Harris
Member Shirley Murcray
Missions Member
Heifer Project Cathy Hamlin
Hillcrest Homeless Shelter Arlene Dezendorf
Food Pantry Marcia Grant 
Redbird Mission Youth Group
Members Karen Riley
Mary Calabrese
Education Member
Chair Julie Forman
Vacation Bible School Clay Beattie
Historian Barbara Sinclair
Safe Sanctuaries
Trinity Children's Center
Stan Brown
Scholarship Joyce Gebele
Julie Forman
Marion Bangert
Youth Advisors Member
Member Daren Simmons
Member Debbie Beattie
Member Clay Beattie
Member Andy Bangert
Member Leslie Battistoni
Member  Pastor Sue Chadwick
Member  Mike & Heidi Tucci
Member  Frank Calabrese 
Membership Committee  Member 
Chair  Pastor Sue Chadwick
Member Stefanie Rice 



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