Adult Fellowship                                                         Methodist Church

Methodists have a great tradition of coming together for fun and food.  Trinity’s  adult fellowship group is no exception.  We get together about four times a year for a meal and fellowship.  Each spring, the highlight of the year is the progressive dinner.  Appetizers are served at one home, then participants are divided into groups and travel to different homes for the main course and finally everyone comes back together for dessert at Fellowship Hall.  

Adult Fellowship also supports the church financially through fund raising.  The biggest event of the year is a “More Than a Yard Sale,” held the second Saturday of each May.  In addition to “treasures” sold that day, a plant sale is held.  A long-time member and Master Gardener, Gail, starts plants from seeds and has them ready for the big plant sale.  Customers wait anxiously for the doors to open at 8:00 a.m. to be first in purchasing her plants!

During many of the programs babysitting is arranged so that all ages of adults can enjoy the fellowship.  Come and join us. 









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