Administrative Council                                                         Methodist Church
The church council plans and implements the programs and ministry of the local church as well as oversees the administration of the church.  The church council is amenable to the charge conference.

The purpose of the church council is to plan a program of nurture, outreach, and witness; implement the plan; provide an administrative infrastructure; align the plan with the mission of the church; evaluate the effectiveness of the plan; act as the administrative agency of the charge conference.


1.    Serves as the primary administrative body of the charge conference and oversees the 
       management and programming of the local church.

2.    Plans and carries out programs that fulfill the congregation's nurturing, outreaching,
       and witnessing ministries.

3.    Leads the visioning and strategic planning process within the church.

4.    Fills vacancies in lay leadership positions that occur between meetings of the charge

5.    Approves the church budget and ensures that the financial needs of the church are

6.    Makes recommendations for the compensation, benefits and housing for the pastor
       and other church staff.

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